Home Fire Drills

It is very important to plan and practice home fire drills at least once a year. By practicing home fire drills, it helps you to remember what to do in case of an emergency. Just follow these simple instructions below to start your own home fire drill and remember you must involve your children with this.
1. Use a piece of paper to draw the floor plans of every floor in your home. Be sure to draw all of the stairways, doors, and windows you could use to get out of your home. Use arrows to show each escape route from every room. Always remember, you need two escape routes from every room. A window on the second floor of your home that does not lead to a porch roof is not a good example of an escape route unless you have an emergency fire escape ladder by the second floor window, that would make it a safe way to exit.

2. Draw the outside meeting place on your map for your family members to meet in case of an emergency. Select a location in front of your home near the street so the fire department can find you easily.
Next, its time to test the fire drill by testing your smoke detector, but you and your family members need to know how to exit your home first.

3. If there is smoke in your home, do not stand up, crawl under it on your hands and knees if there is enough air to breath near the floor. Otherwise use your second escape route from your room.
4. Check the door before you open it with the back of your hand for heat. If the door is hot, do not open it and then try your second escape route.

5. While you are leaving your home, shout fire so your other family members become aware of the situation and get out in time.

6. Proceed directly to the exit and close all doors behind you.

7. Go to the neighbor's house to call 911.

8. Return to the designated meeting place and wait for your other family members to join you.

9. Under no circumstances will you go back in to your home for any reason. You can provide life-saving information to the fire department about where your family members may be located if they do not make it out on time.

10. Practice your plan at least once a year and re-draw it if something changes in your home.
Always remember that it takes less than five minutes for a fire to produce dangerous smoke that will make it impossible to breath if you remain in your home. That's why it is important to sleep at night with your doors closed and to exit promptly at the first indication of a fire in your home.
Secondly you must remember that your first line of defense against the fire is properly functioning smoke detectors, you must remember to change the batteries at least once a year, that little alarm just might save your life someday.