Tips to prevent TV fires:
  • If the TV is placed within a cupboard or other piece of furniture, ensure that there is sufficient area for air to circulate.
  • Leave all vents on the TV unobstructed: do not place cloths, newspapers, brochures, ash-trays, etc. on the TV.
  • Never put a lamp or candle on top of the TV.
  • Never put a vase or other object containing liquid on top of the TV.
  • Don’t place the TV near curtains or other fabric.
  • If you are away for a prolonged period of time, or if there is a storm, unplug the electrical cords and antenna of your TV, as well as those of your radio and other audio-visual appliances. Ensure that the plugs are unencumbered and easily accessible.


What to do if there is an implosion? (i.e. the picture tube breaks due to a mechanical or thermal shock)

  • Unplug the electric cord. (Drawing 1)
  • If there are flames or fire, put them out with water or use your fire extinguisher. (Drawing 2)
  • Call your local fire dept. or 911.


What should you do if your TV is emitting smoke?

  • Unplug the electric cord. (Drawing 1)
  • If the TV still smokes, use your fire extinguisher. If you don’t have one, put out the fire with water.
  • Call your local fire dept. or dial 911.
  • Never cover the TV with a blanket or cushion to smother the flames. They can in turn catch fire and then contribute to causing a house fire.