Rental Inspection Program

All rental property within the City limits of Crookston must be registered with the Crookston Fire Dept. For any questions about this program contact us at (218) 281-4584.


1. Upgrade rental units to meet City and State life safety and health codes.

2. Maintain property values in high density rental neighborhoods and throughout the City of Crookston

3. Maintain appearance of rental property to reflect neighborhood standards.

4. Keep track of rental properties in the City of Crookston.

5. Overall goal is to provide minimum maintenance standards for all properties that meet local and state Fire and Building Codes.

Annual Rental Program Fees

Annual License Fee

Basic annual license fee shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) for each rental unit. The basic annual license fee shall apply until the end of January of the calendar year for which application is being made. The maximum annual license fee for anyone building, regardless of the number of units contained therein, shall be four hundred dollars ($400.00).

Late Registration Fee

The following charge shall apply to all rental licenses issued after January of each calendar year, unless the rental unit was not occupied prior to the date of the application for licensing.

One month late: $10.00 per dwelling unit, not to exceed $100.00 per building

Two months late: $20.00 per dwelling unit, not to exceed $200.00 per building

Three months late: $40.00 per dwelling unit, not to exceed $400.00 per building

Re-inspection Fee

A. Inspections for license

Where more than two inspections are conducted each subsequent inspection above two will result in an inspection fee being charged. The fee for the third inspection shall be $50.00. The fee for the fourth and all subsequent inspections shall be $100.00.

B. Inspections resulting from a tenant complaint.

When an inspection is conducted as a result of a tenant complaint and substantial deficiencies, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, are identified, there shall bean inspection fee of $40.00 charged. If the Fire Chief determines that no substantial deficiencies exist, there shall be no charge for the inspection.

Rescheduling Fee

The following charge will apply when a landlord reschedules an inspection:

--$10.00 - for first rescheduled inspection inspection
--$20.00 - for second rescheduled inspection
--A maximum of $30.00 - for third and all subsequent rescheduled inspections

Rental Application (click to print an application)

Transfer of Ownership (click to print a transfer form)

Change of Status (click to print a transfer form)

All rental property owners are responsible of notifying the Crookston Fire Dept. if there is a change in the ownership of any rental property. A transfer of ownership form must be filled out and provided to the Fire Dept. for our records if the property is being sold. If the rental property status is to change (ex. immediate family occupying the property, owner to now occupy the property, etc.), a change of status form must be filled out and provided to our office for records.