Date: 5-7-09
Contact: Chief of Police, Timothy S. Motherway
Phone:  281-3111
Reference:  Animal Control & Walking on Levies

Animal Control
The spring has finally arrived and with it the Crookston Police Department has noticed a rise in the complaints about dogs running at large, barking, and dog waste.  I want to take this time to remind Pet owners of their responsibilities. 

THIS IS A SYNOPSIS of the most frequently enforced regulations. 

RUNNING AT LARGE PROHIBITED.  A dog or cat, not under the direct supervision and control of the owner of a responsible party, must be leashed or in a pen capable of containing the animal.

LICENSE REQUIRED.  All dogs and cats, over the age of six (6) months must be licensed.  The cost of a license is $5.00 for spayed or neutered animals, and $10.00 for   animals that are not spayed or neutered.  Owners must provide a certificate of vaccination against rabies at the time the license is applied for.  Licenses are available at the Police Department. 

ANIMAL WASTE.  It is unlawful for any owner to permit any cat or dog to defecate on public property (including city parks) or private property, without removing the excrement and disposing of it in a sanitary manner.  Carrying latex gloves or plastic bags or a scooper  makes this task easier to accomplish. 

NO MORE THAN THREE dogs and cats are permitted per dwelling.  The three animals shall not consist of more than two dogs and one cat or two cats and one dog (over the age of six (6) months.)

BARKING, HOWLING and WHINING DOGS are an irritant to your neighbors and it is illegal to allow them to do so.

FARM ANIMALS.  It is illegal to keep animals, defined as “farm animals”, such as: cattle, horses, mules, sheep, goats, swine, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, guinea hens and honey bees, except in that portion of the city zoned for agricultural purposes.

ABATEMENT.  Anyone who is charged with three separate violations in one year of these ordinances can be subject to having the City take action to abate the animal which will result in the animal either being disposed of or removed from the City Limits.

Pets that are abandoned by their owners.  The City of Crookston will make every effort to identify owners of abandoned pets.  The pet owners are responsible for any impound or other related costs for animals that they no longer want or intend on not claiming.

Officers will be actively enforcing these ordinances and trying to capture any dogs running loose.  If for whatever reason a dog can not be caught by an officer.  An attempt will be made to identify the owner of the pet.  Appropriate action will then be taken with the pet owner.

There is a standard Impound fee of $25.00 plus $5.00 for each day an animal is impounded.  So the minimum impound fee is $30.00. 

The Police Dept also has 3 cat traps that can be loaned to citizens who have problems with wild cats.  These traps are available at the Police Dept.

Pet owners should be good to their pets, as well as respectful of their neighbors.  Above all if you are a pet owner you need to be respectful of the Animal ordinances and  be responsible for your pet.

Walking on the Levies
Levies behind homes are Private Property.  People who are walking on the levies behind homes are trespassing.  There are several areas in town where this has occurred in the Woods, Sampson and Jerome’s Additions. 

The area between Riverview Hospital and Woodland Bridge where the flood wall and rock was placed last year is also private property all the way to the water line.  Fishing on that side of the river is prohibited without permission from the landowner.

Please be respectful of these ordinances and of peoples private property.  Thank you and enjoy this spring and summer.


Timothy S. Motherway

 Chief of Police