Images of North Water Tower
Water Department
Located in the Crookston City Hall
124 N. Broadway
Crookston, Mn 56716
Office Phone:  (218)281-5711
Water Plant Phone: (218)281-1922
Fax: (218)281-5609
Emergency After Hours Phone: (218)281-3111

The Crookston Water Dept. is responsible for the water distribution system for the City of Crookston and two areas out of city limits, the Highland Estates and American Crystal.

This department supplies water needed for its customers use and for fire protection.  It has 7 Employees consisting of  the Public Works Director, the Water Superintendent, 2- Servicemen, 1-Meter Reader and 2-Office Employees.

The water supply for Crookston is pumped out of 6 wells that are east of Crookston.  From there it is pumped into the Water Plant located on Fairfax Ave where the water is treated by adding chemicals.   In 2011 - 301,000,000 gallons went through the water plant.

There are 3 - 500,000 gallons storage tanks on the Water System.  One is located at the well site, another one in the north end of Crookston on Fisher Ave and the last one is located on the south end in the Industrial Park.

Water Quality

          Hardness     - 17 grains
          Iron              - 0.05 ppm after treatment
          Manganese  - 0.03 ppm
          Nitrates        - 0.01ppm
          PH                - 7.6