"Bike Crookston" Survey

Bike Crookston is a collaborative working group encouraging active living and community connections in the region through bicycle access, education, and infrastructure.

Bike Crookston has launched a community survey and is seeking input. Please take a moment to provide feedback about biking in Crookston.

Consider joining Bike Crookston in:

2016 Fall/Winter FunFinder Now Available

The 2016 Fall/Winter FunFinder is now available! A digital copy is attached below. Print copies can be picked up at City Hall.

After you've found something fun to do, register online, call Parks & Recreation at 281-1242, or stop by City Hall from 7:30-4:30 on weekdays.

Crookston Parks & Recreation 2016 Survey

The City of Crookston Parks & Recreation Department is conducting a brief survey to establish priorities for the future improvement of its Parks & Recreation facilities, parks, programs, and services within the community. We will compile the data received and present the results to the City.

To participate in this survey, click here.

Please take this opportunity to share your ideas and suggestions. The responses will remain confidential.

Property Maintenance Code Ordinance Proposal

To review the proposed Property Maintenance Code, visit https://law.resource.org/pub/us/code/ibr/icc.ipmc.2012.html.

The proposed amendments are available in the document attached below.

Twig and Branch Collection

Branch and twig collection will be held the second and fourth Mondays of each month running May through October.  Place the materials on your curbside.  Branches must be cut in four-foot lengths and bundled in order for the crews to take them away.  Any branches or tree trunks not cut to this length and bundled will be left for the owner to haul away.  Twigs may be in boxes or bags. Individuals removing their diseased elm trees should call City Hall (281-1232) to schedule pickup.

Free Crookston Lots

NOTE: As of 2016-07-14 only four (4) lots remain. These are lots 1 and 3 of block 1, and lots 5 and 6 of block 3.

The city is excited to give 17 current and new residents of Crookston the unique opportunity to proudly own a lot and be new home owners by taking advantage of this rare offer. 

Contact Crookston City Hall at 218-281-1232 and ask for additional information and claim your share of Barrette Street Estates!

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