Residential Plan Submittal Requirements

These are the required plan submittals for new residential construction and additions. Two complete sets of plans must be submitted and they must include the following:

  1. Provide a site plan showing lot size, setbacks from property lines, other buildings, septic systems, wells, and city right of way.
  2. Footing/Foundation plan, including a description of material to used, max. depth of unbalanced fill to be supported and description of and internal piers.
  3. Provide floor plans for all levels including any decks and porches. Floor plans should include size of interior and exterior walls (2X4, 2X6, etc.)
  4. Provide all exterior elevation drawings.
  5. Provide a typical wall section through the building including insulation/ energy plans.
  6. Provide plans for floor and roof trusses. Include size and type of joists/truss, span and spacing of joists/truss, and installation/anchoring reqiurements defined by the manufactorer.
  7. Provide proposed header sizes and number of jack studs supporting the header.
  8. Mechanical plan
  9. Plumbing plan
  10. A completed residential permit application including all permit fees must be submitted before permit will be issued
  11. Separate permits are required for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, and curb/street cut.
  12. Electrical permits are handled by the state electrical inspector: (218) 556-3829