Fire Department

The Fire Department is headed by our Fire Chief, Tim Froeber.

Contact Information:
Fire Department
620 S. Main
Crookston, MN 56716-2433

Phone: (218) 281-4584
Fax: (218) 281-4594

The Firefighters of the City of Crookston maintain the highest level of professionalism through a program that provides in-house and specialized training in both basic and advanced skills in firefighting, first responding, hazardous material response and rescue.

The Crookston Fire Department roster consists of a full-time Fire Chief, six full-time Career Firefighters, and twenty-five paid-on-call Firefighters. The Crookston Fire Department responds to approximately 30 incidents per month. The nature of these incidents include: fire suppression activities, rescues, medical assists, hazardous material responses, carbon monoxide emergencies and various calls for public assistance.

In addition to Emergency Services provided, the Fire Department is also active in fire prevention/education classes and programs, fire and building code enforcement, building, plumbing and mechanical inspections, enforcement of City Ordinances and the administration of the City's Rental Licensing Program.

The Crookston Fire Department serves a population of approximately 12,000 people spread over an area of more than 500 square miles. The department services the City of Crookston and a rural area consisting of fourteen townships. The City of Crookston is the county seat of Polk County. The Fire Department has the ability to call additional personnel and equipment from other fire departments in Polk County as well as some departments from neighboring counties through the use of mutual-aid agreements.