Police Department

Contact Information:
Police Department
321 W. Robert St.
Crookston, MN 56716

Phone: (218) 281-3111
Fax: (218) 281-1410
Emergency: Dial 911

The Crookston Police Department provides 24 hour law enforcement services and other community resources to the City of Crookston.  CPD currently employs 15 full-time police officers and two full-time civilian support personnel.  Police Officer employment opportunities are listed on the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training website.  See Records & Information for a printable copy of the application.  Licensed law enforcement positions within the Crookston Police Department include the following:

Chief of Police
Chief Paul Biermaier is a veteran of the Crookston Police Department and has been employed as Chief of Police since 2013.

Lieutenant Darin Selzler assists the Chief of Police with law enforcement supervisory and emergency management duties, oversees predatory offender registration, performs patrol and investigator duties, etc.

Detective Sergeant
The Detective Sergeant is responsible for supervising CPD’s investigative fuctions.  The Detective Sergeant also investigates felony level crimes including assault, sexual assault, theft, burglary, and homicide.

Patrol Sergeant
Two Patrol Sergeants are responsible for supervising CPD’s patrol officers as well as performing general patrol duties.

The Investigator is responsible for investigating reports regarding the physical abuse, sexual abuse, and criminal neglect of children.  The Investigator is also responsible for investigating felony level crimes committed by juveniles and other general investigator duties.   Other responsibilities include crime prevention and organizing community events such as National Night Out, Safety Town, and the Crookston Community Halloween Party.

Patrol Officer
Eight Patrol Officers make up CPD’s front line and perform the majority of CPD’s law enforcement and community services.  Patrol Officers respond to emergency calls, respond to and investigate citizen complaints, perform traffic patrol, enforce city ordinances and state statutes, make arrests, etc.

Narcotics Officer
The Narcotics Officer is assigned to The Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force and is responsible for investigating crimes involving the possession, sale, and manufacture of controlled substances within the City of Crookston and surrounding jurisdictions.