Section 4.01, The Regular Municipal Election. 
A regular municipal election shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each even-numbered year at such place or places as the City Council may designate.

Section 4.02, Special Elections.  
The Council may by resolution order a special election and provide all means for holding it. The procedure at such election shall conform as nearly as possible to that prescribed for other City elections.
Section 4.03, Filing For Office.  
No earlier than 70 days or later than 56 days before the municipal election, any voter of the City qualified under the state constitution for elective office may, by filing an affidavit and paying the filing fee to the City Clerk, have his or her name placed on the municipal election ballot.

Section 4.04, Procedure At Elections.  
Subject to this Charter and applicable state laws, the Council may by ordinance further regulate the conduct of municipal elections. Except as otherwise provided by this Charter and supplementary ordinances, general state laws on elections shall apply to municipal elections.

Section 4.05, Tie Votes.
In the event that there is a tie vote between or among candidates for the same office, the Clerk shall supervise the drawing of lots by them, with the results determining the relative positions of the candidates. A candidate with a higher position shall be deemed to have received more votes than a candidate with a lower position.