Section 10.01, Acquisition And Operation Of Utilities.  
The City may own and operate any water, gas, light, power, heat, telephone, transportation or other public utility for supplying its own needs for utility service or for supplying utility service to private consumers or other governmental agencies. It may construct all facilities reasonably needed for that purpose and may acquire any existing utility properties so needed. The City shall not acquire or construct any public utility unless the proposition to acquire or to construct it has been incorporated in an ordinance and adopted by the Council. Such ordinance shall not be an emergency ordinance.

Section 10.02, Regulations And Rates.  
The Council may, by ordinance, fix rates, fares and prices for any municipal utility or provide for the fixing of such rates, fares and prices by resolution, prescribe the time and manner of payment for any such service, make such other regulations as may be necessary and prescribe penalties for violations of such regulations.

Section 10.03, Lease Of Plant.  
The Council may, by ordinance, contract with any person, firm or corporation for the operation of any municipal utility for a term not to exceed ten years. Such ordinance shall not be an emergency ordinance.

Section 10.04, Sale Of Public Utility.
No public utility owned by the City shall be sold or otherwise disposed of by the City unless the full terms of the proposition of sale or other disposition are embodied in an ordinance approved by a majority of the voters voting thereon at a general or special election.