Section 11.01, Official Publication. 
The Council shall annually at its first meeting of the year designate a legal newspaper of general circulation in the City in which shall be published ordinances and other matters required by law to be so published, as well as such other matters as the Council may deem it in the public interest to have published in this manner.

Section 11.02, Oath Of Office.
Every elected or appointed officer of the City shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, take and subscribe an oath of office in substantially the following form: “I do solemnly swear or affirm to support the City Charter and the Constitution of the United States and of this State, and to discharge faithfully the duties given to me as . . .  (title of office) of the City of Crookston to the best of my judgment and ability”.

Section 11.03, Official Bonds.
The City Administrator and such other officers or employees of the City as may be specified by resolution shall each, before entering upon the duties of their respective office of employment, give a corporate surety bond to the City as security for the faithful performance of their official duties and the safekeeping of the public funds. Such bonds shall be in such form and amount as the Council determines and may be individual or blanket bonds in the discretion of the Council. They shall be approved by the City Council and filed with the City Clerk.

Section 11.04, Official Interest In Contracts.
Except as is otherwise permitted by law, no officer of the City who is authorized to take part in any manner in the making of any sale, lease or contract in official capacity with the City shall voluntarily have a personal financial interest in or personally benefit financially from such sale, lease or contract.

Section 11.05, Sale Of Real Property.
No real property of the City shall be disposed of except by ordinance or resolution. The proceeds of any such sale shall be used as far as possible to retire any outstanding indebtedness incurred by the City in the purchase, construction or improvement of this or other property used for the same public purpose; but if there be no such outstanding indebtedness, then the Council may by a resolution adopted by an affirmative vote of five Council Members, or four Council Members and the Mayor or Assistant Mayor in the event of a tie, designate some other public use for such proceeds.

Section 11.06, Vacation Of Streets.
The Council may by resolution approved by a vote of at least seven Council Members vacate any street or alley or other public grounds thereof within the City. Such vacation may be made only after published notice and an opportunity for affected property owners and public to be heard, and upon such further terms and by such procedure as the Council by ordinance or resolution may prescribe. A notice of completion of such proceedings shall be filed with the proper County officer in accordance with the law.

Section 11.07, No Election Of Remedies.
The reservation, listing or use of a right or remedy by the City shall not prevent the City from using any other right or remedy it may have.

Section 11.08, City To Succeed To Rights And Obligations Of Former City.
The City shall succeed to all the property, rights and privileges, and shall be subject to all legal obligations of the City under the former Charter.

Section 11.09, Existing Ordinances Continued.
All ordinances and regulations of the City in force when this Charter takes effect and not inconsistent with this Charter are continued in full force and effect until amended or repealed.

Section 11.10, Pending Condemnations, Improvements And Assessments.
Any condemnation, improvement or assessment proceeding in progress when this Charter takes effect shall be continued and completed under the laws under which such proceedings were begun. All assessments made by the City prior to the time when this Charter takes effect shall be collected as if this Charter had not been adopted.

Section 11.11, Ordinances To Make Charter Effective.
The Council shall by ordinance, resolution or other appropriate action take such steps, if any, as may be necessary to make effective the provisions of this Charter.

Section 11.12, Present Officers Continued.
The present officers of the City shall continue in their respective offices and functions and shall continue to govern the City under the laws and Charter previously in effect until the officers provided for by this Charter have been elected and qualify. They shall make such financial and other provisions for the fiscal year 2000 as will serve to carry on the government until a government has been set up under this Charter, and they shall make provision for the election of the first City Council as provided in Chapter 4 and Section 11.13 of this Charter.

Section 11.13, Effective Dates/Transition.
Except as otherwise stated in this Section, the Charter shall be effective January 1, 2000.  Section 2.03 shall be effective on January 1, 2003.  The terms of the Mayor and all Council Members as of January 1, 2000 shall be three (3) years.  New wards shall be established consistent with Section 2.03 for use with the general election in 2002, at which the Mayor and all Council Members shall stand for election. The initial terms of the Council Members selected at such election shall be staggered. The Council Members elected for even numbered wards shall serve four (4) year terms. The Council Members elected for odd numbered wards shall serve two (2) year terms. The At Large Council Member receiving the highest number of votes shall serve four (4) years and the At Large Council Member receiving the next highest number of votes shall serve two (2) years. Thereafter, the Mayor and Council Members shall serve the terms provided for in Section 2.03.  Section 4.01 shall be effective January 1, 2001.