Waste Collection

The City offers garbage collection services using City of Crookston garbage bags. The details and requirements for this service are listed below. Alternatives, residents may find it desirable to bring their own garbage directly to the Polk County Transfer Station.

  1. Garbage pick-up on street boulevards only, within 5 feet of the street line.
  2. Garbage must be placed on boulevards by 7:00 a.m. of your collection day to insure collection.  Garbage may NOT be placed on the boulevard more than 12 hours prior to your collection date.
  3. Only City of Crookston garbage bags may be used. These bags may be purchased at designated locations (presently Hugo's, Eagle Thrifty White, and Ampride).
  4. City Ordinance prohibits illegal dumping of garbage in private and commercial dumpsters, or at the compost and burn sites.  Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a $50.00 penalty.
  5. Garbage will be picked up once per week. If your collection day falls on a holiday, generally your garbage will be picked up the following collection day. Collection day changes will appear in the local media.
  6. City of Crookston garbage bags must be closed with twist ties or other means in order to secure the contents. Bags left open and not tied may not be collected.
  7. Large items such as furniture, appliances, tree trunks, etc. will only be picked up on Spring and Fall clean-up days.  Rules concerning these clean-up days will be publicized in the local media prior to the event.
  8. Compost materials such as grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and similar materials may be placed in clear City of Crookston compost bags and placed curbside on your regular garbage collection day or may be brought to the Transfer Station located on Ingersoll Avenue and Foskett Street.
  9. Branch and twig collection will be scheduled the second and fourth Mondays during the months of April through October.  Branches must be in four foot lengths and bundled. Twigs may be placed in boxes or plastic bags, but must be only twigs.  Other material such as dirt or garbage will cause the boxes and bags to be left. Branches may also be taken to the Transfer Station located on Ingersoll Ave. and Foskett Street.
  10. Since the threat of Dutch Elm Disease is still present in Crookston, the City will pick up infested elm trees placed on the street boulevard at no charge to private individuals. Commercial tree removal companies must haul their own trees away. These pick-ups will be scheduled to coincide with the bi-monthly brush and twig collection times. Individuals must call City Hall (218-281-1232) to schedule this pick-up.
  11. Individual garbage bags are not to exceed 50 lbs. each.