Emergency Management

The office of Emergency Management coordinates all emergencies that happen in the City of Crookston and works with all departments of the City, County, State, and Federal government to reduce the impact of disasters on persons and property.

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The Emergency Management Director sets goals for the City's safety, through planning, training, and coordinating exercises to prepare all local departments to respond to, recover from, and mitigate against all types of disasters. This year's theme will be "meeting the challenges of the 21st century", highlighting domestic terrorism, school safety programs, and community cooperation in emergency planning and response.

For any information on plans, training, and exercises call Emergency Management Director - Tim Froeber at the Fire Department or call the Emergency Management Assistant Director - Bob Magsam at the Fire Department.


Polk Hazard Mitigation Plan Public

Polk County Mitigation Plan

News Release Polk Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Review (1-12-23)
News Release Polk Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Review (1-12-23) Page2