Residential Plan

These are the required plan submittals for new residential construction and additions.

  1. Provide a site plan showing lot size, setbacks from property lines, other buildings, site drainage, and city right-of-way.
  2. Two complete set of plans, one hard copy 24 inches by 30 inches and one digital copy.
  3. Provide floor plans for all levels including any decks and porches.
  4. Provide all exterior elevation drawings including elevation height and grade.
  5. Provide a typical wall section through the building for each type of wall construction throughout the building.
  6. Insulation/Energy calculations.
  7. Provide plans/shop drawings for any pre-fabricated or pre-engineered products.
  8. Provide all structural drawings associated with the project.
  9. A completed Residential permit application including all permit fees must be submitted before permit will be issued.
  10. Separate permits are required for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and curb/street cut.
  11. Electrical permits are handled by the state electrical inspector.