Building Inspections Department

The Building Inspections Department is located in the Crookston City Hall and is headed by our Building Official, Greg Hefta.

Building projects of any size may require a permit. You must be a licensed contractor to apply for and receive a permit unless you are a homeowner wherein you may apply for some permits; however a homeowner should not take out a permit for work being done by a contractor. Please stop in or call with any questions.

The estimate online permit calculator fee program is currently unavailable.  Please call/email for an exact fee amount, otherwise reference the permit fee chart for ranges of fee per valuation amounts.

Two most common Application for permits are linked below for you to download, print, and complete:

Permit Fees and other Residential and Commercial Application forms for permits or licenses are available per the links on the left vertical menu on this page.  Licenses for Cement Masonry and Gas Fitting are required per Ordinance in the City of Crookston prior to Permits being issued and/or commencing work.

There have been building code changes in 2015 and 2020. Please review the state website as well as the documents attached below to familiarize yourself with changes which may impact your project requirements.

Notice: Sprinkler System Requirements for One and Two Family Home Declared Invalid by Courts

Visit the International Code Council (ICC) digital codes website.

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