Permit Fees

Our building permit fee calculator is currently unavailable, but reference the Building Fee Chart for approximate fee costs based on valuation.  A State Surcharge will be added per valuation cost of building permit fee.  Construction and Plan Checking also adds an additional 25% of building permit fee for new construction or more complex construction designs.    

Call the Building Inspection Department at 218-281-5713 to determine an exact building fee quote.

Other Flat Fees:

  • Curb Cut / Street Cut / Sidewalk Cut Permit Fees are $25 for Building Permit.  Additional charges payable to City of Crookston Public Works for street sawing and curb cutting fee:  minimum charge of $300 for up to 50 feet with a $4 additional charge per foot above 50 feet 
  • Demolition Building Permit for Residential/Commercial is $25
  • Fence Permit is $50;  Per Ordinance, the City may require a survey of property by owner for placement of fence.  Other specific conditions do apply, so obtain fence application form for more details.
  • House Moving Permit is $50;  Contact Building Department for requirements to be fulfilled per Ordinance prior to issuance of Permit
  • LP Tank Gas Installation Permit is $25 wherein resident is not readily accessible to franchised natural gas line.  Contact Building Department for verification.
  • Mechanical/HVAC Equipment Change-Out is $60 plus state surcharge on valuation with a $15 per unit additional charge for 3 or more change-outs
  • Water Heater/Fixture Change-Out is $60 plus state surcharge on valuation with a $15 per unit additional charge for 3 or more change-outs 
  • Standard Sign Hangars Permit Fees are $50 plus an additional sign inspection fee of $25  
  • Water and Sewer Service Repair and New Installation Fee is $25