Kreutzberg Property Regulations

The Kreutzberg Property is owned by the City of Crookston and is open for archery deer hunting only. All other hunting, trapping, and use of firearms is expressly prohibited. Hunting and use of the property is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Motorized Vehicles- No motorized vehicles are allowed on the property or through the channel cut. The property can only be accessed via boat or by foot.
  • Destruction or Removal of Property: Signs, posts, fences, gates, buildings, trees, shrubs, vines, plants, or other property may not be destroyed or removed (including use of metal detectors to remove property).
  • Garbage Disposal and Animal Abandonment: Disposing of or abandoning live animals, carcasses, garbage, trash, spoil, sludge, rocks, vehicles, or other debris or personal property on the property is prohibited.
  • Blinds and Structures: A person may not construct or maintain any building, dock, fence, billboard, sign, or other structure on this property. Any materials brought into the property for the construction of a temporary blind must be removed each day at the close of hunting hours.
  • Elevated Stands: A person may not construct, occupy, or use any elevated scaffold or other elevated device for the purpose of hunting, watching, or killing wild animals, except that portable stands may be used if they are removed each day at the close of hunting hours and do no permanent damage.
  • Trespass: Portions of property posted closed to trespassing may not be entered without City authorization.
  • Closed Hours: Property may not be entered or used during closed hours if posted with these restrictions at major access points, except by prior authorization.
  • Camping: Camping is prohibited.
  • Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on the property.
  • Firearms and Target Shooting: Firearms and target shooting are expressly prohibited on the property.

To report violations of the Kreutzberg Hunting and Use Regulations please contact the Crookston Police Department at 218-281-3111. Other questions can be directed to Crookston City Hall at 218-281-1232.