Polk County Triad

The Polk County Triad is a joint venture initiated by The Polk County Sheriff's Office, The Crookston Police Department, The American Association of Retired Persons, and the local Retired and Senior Volunteer Program to reduce criminal victimization of senior citizens. The Triad's primary mission is to educate seniors about crime and enable them to protect themselves from victimization.

Polk County Triad began in early 1997 and became a recognized non-profit corporation in 1998. The Triad is governed by a board of directors consisting of seniors and representatives of area organizations whose missions coincide with those of the Triad. The Polk County Sheriff and Crookston Chief of Police are considered ex-officio members of the board of directors.

Successful programs and activities initiated by the Polk County Triad and local sponsors include:

File of Life

The "File of Life" program provides a system for posting seniors' emergency medical information for law enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS, and other 1st responders in a prominent location within the home.

A Taste of Italy

"A Taste of Italy" is an annual public fundraiser that raises money for the purchase of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) for placement in Crookston Police and Polk County Sheriff's Office squad cars.