1. The City of Crookston will have curbside collection of recyclables on your first scheduled collection day of the month.
  2. Recyclables must be placed in City of Crookston recycling containers except plastics, which may be placed in bags or boxes. These containers must be placed within 5 feet of the street. Curbside placement times for recycling will coincide with garbage collection regulations.
  3. Items to be collected are:
    1. Newspapers and Magazines
    2. Glass Bottles and Jars
    3. Aluminum Cans
    4. Tin Cans
    5. Plastic Bottles with recycling triangle
    6. Cardboards
  4. Procedure to have items collected:
    1. Newspapers and magazines shall be placed in recycling containers with magazines on top to prevent newspapers from blowing away.
    2. Glass bottles and jars must be rinsed and have their lids removed.
    3. Aluminum cans should be rinsed and flattened.
    4. Tin cans must be rinsed, labels removed, and flattened as much as possible.
    5. Plastic bottles should be rinsed and crushed as much as possible. Plastic may be placed in boxes or bags for collection.
    6. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and either tied in a bundle or neatly stacked beneath a blue recycling container.
  5. Recyclables may not be mixed in the same recycling container. Example: tin cans may not be placed in the same container as aluminum cans.
  6. Recycling containers are the responsibility of the resident and loss or damage to these containers will result in replacement at the resident's expense. The replacement cost will be $5 per container.
  7. Residents not using City of Crookston recycling containers will not receive curbside collection services.
  8. Residents may drop off recyclables at the Transfer Station located on Ingersol Avenue and Foskett Street.
  9. Persons establishing residence in the City of Crookston may purchase recycling containers at City Hall at a cost of $5 per container.

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