The City of Crookston offers various services to make you more comfortable and your life easier. This page contains information on all major services, from the necessities such as water to financial help from loans.


The Crookston Municipal Airport is also known as Kirkwood Field. The mission of the Crookston Municipal Airport is to accommodate the Crookston area with airport services of all kinds and to enhance air transportation and economic development for the northwest region of Minnesota. Lowell Miller functions as the Airport Manager. The Crookston Aviation Services website contains more information.

Bill Payments

At present, bill payments must be mailed, made in person, or via authorized ACH payment. Water bill payments may be deposited in a drop box located at the rear entrance to City Hall. View more information on the Bill Payment page.

Channel 3

Channel 3 is the city's public access cable television channel, and is accessible by Midcontinent Cable subscribers. If you have an announcement or other content you would like to place on Channel 3, please send us an email.

Emergency Alerts

Please see Polk County's Everbridge alert system during storms and emergencies. If you have not yet signed up for these alerts, please consider taking a moment to do so at the Everbridge website.

Loan Programs

The Northwest Minnesota Multi-County HRA provides assistance to residents of Polk County who are buying or building a home through the Community Revitalization Fund Program.


Do your part in helping the environment and our city by recycling. For detailed instructions on what can and cannot be recycled, how to do so, and information on collection routes visit the recycling page.

Snow Removal

Snow Plowing and Street Sanding

Streets will be plowed or sanded after accumulations of 3" or more of snow, drifting that causes problems for travel, or icy conditions that seriously affect travel. Please attempt to park vehicles off the roadways during snow events so that the streets may be more efficiently plowed.
Streets will be sanded in this order:

  1. Intersections with traffic controls such as stop signs and signal lights.
  2. Hills and curves. (Generally, only controlled intersections and hill areas will be sanded due to limited resources.)

Parking Restrictions

The downtown business district is under year-round calendar parking restrictions. No parking is allowed on the north-south streets from 1 am to 7 am. Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. No parking is allowed on the east-west streets from 1 am to 7 am. Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Residential parking restrictions are under effect upon the declaration of a snow emergency by the City of Crookston. The City will notify the public via KROX radio, cable TV Channel 3, the Crookston Times, and the City of Crookston Facebook page.. The notification will inform residents the hours of the restriction and which side of the street parking will be restricted.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Keep a critical part of Crookston's transportation system moving. City Ordinance requires that snow and ice be removed from sidewalks within forty-eight (48) hours after snowfall ceases. If snow and ice are not removed as provided, it may be removed by authorized City personnel and the costs for snow removal, along with an administration fee, will be assessed against the property. Please remember that it is against City Ordinance to deposit snow from private property or vacant lots onto the street.

Help Your Neighbors

Help your elderly neighbors and neighbors with disabilities with snow and ice removal. Clear snow build up at corners and around fire hydrants. When you go out of town, arrange for the shoveling of your walk and moving of your vehicles during snowfalls.

Rental Property Owners/Tenants

If you own rental property, please take appropriate measures to ensure snow and ice are being cleared from the sidewalk by assigning a resident manager or retaining a snow removal contractor. If you are a tenant, please check with the property owner to assure proper snow removal arrangements have been made.

If you have questions concerning garbage, recycling or snow removal, contact the Public Works Department at 218-281-1232.

Waste Collection

The City offers garbage collection services using City of Crookston garbage bags. The details and requirements for this service are listed below. Alternatively, residents may find it desirable to bring their own garbage directly to the Polk County Transfer Station (Location on Google Maps).

  1. Garbage pick-up on street boulevards only, within 5 feet of the street line.
  2. Garbage must be placed on boulevards by 7 am of your collection day to insure collection. Garbage may not be placed on the boulevard more than 12 hours prior to your collection date.
  3. Only City of Crookston garbage bags may be used. These bags may be purchased at designated locations (presently Hugo's, Eagle Thrifty White, and Ampride).
  4. City of Crookston garbage bags must be closed with twist ties or other means in order to secure the contents. Bags left open and not tied may not be collected.
  5. Individual garbage bags are not to exceed 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms) each.
  6. City Ordinance prohibits illegal dumping of garbage in private and commercial dumpsters, or at the compost and burn sites. Failure to comply with this ordinance will result in a $50 penalty.
  7. Garbage will be picked up once per week. If your collection day falls on a holiday, generally your garbage will be picked up the following collection day. Collection day changes will appear in the local media.
  8. Large items such as furniture, appliances, tree trunks, etc. will only be picked up on Spring and Fall clean-up days. Rules concerning these clean-up days will be publicized in the local media prior to the event.
  9. Compost materials such as grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, and similar materials may be placed in clear City of Crookston compost bags and placed curbside on your regular garbage collection day or may be brought to the Transfer Station located on Ingersoll Avenue and Foskett Street.
  10. Branch and twig collection will be scheduled on the second and fourth Mondays during the months of April through October. Branches must be in four-foot lengths and bundled. Twigs may be placed in boxes or plastic bags but must be only twigs. Other materials such as dirt or garbage will cause the boxes and bags to be left. Branches may also be taken to the Transfer Station located on Ingersoll Avenue and Foskett Street.
  11. Since the threat of Dutch Elm Disease is still present in Crookston, the City will pick up infested elm trees placed on the street boulevard at no charge to private individuals. Commercial tree removal companies must haul their own trees away. These pick-ups will be scheduled to coincide with the bimonthly brush and twig collection times. Individuals must call City Hall at 218-281-1232 to schedule this pick-up.

Water Service

For information on bill pay, visit the bill payment page.

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