Wellhead Protection

The City of Crookston has completed the development of their Wellhead Protection Plan. This plan is designed to protect the groundwater aquifers that supply the Crookston municipal drinking water wells. The plan identifies potential sources of contamination that could pollute local groundwater wells and enter the community's water supply. The ultimate goal of this plan is help ensure that Crookston continues to provide its residents with a safe and abundant supply of clean drinking water for generations to come.

Wells can become polluted when substances that are harmful to human health get into the groundwater. Water from these wells can become dangerous to drink when the level of pollution rises above health standards. Fortunately, the City of Crookston's water supply currently meets (and exceeds) all State and Federal drinking water standards.

Grant funds are available for private well sealing. For more information, contact the City of Crookston's Water Division at 281-5711.