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Notice: The Ward 4 meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 23rd at City Hall has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 14th at 7:00PM.

  • 5:30 pm
  • 2nd and 4th Monday of every month (Subject to change: Please check media notices)

If Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting is generally scheduled for the following day. The video for these meetings is also broadcast on Channel 3 (Midcontinent only).

All meetings are posted on our calendar and on the billboard at City Hall. Minutes for all City Council meetings are available either through the website or at City Hall. The live audio stream can be accessed using modern web browsers.

YouTube streaming of these meetings can be found

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  1. Don Cavalier

    Don Cavalier

    Ward 4
    Additional Phone: 218-289-1776 (Mobile)

  1. tmenard

    Tim Menard

    Council Member

  1. Wayne Melbye

    Wayne Melbye

    Council Member


The division of Crookston into six wards is detailed in the City Codes and Ordinances, Chapter 11: City Standards. In the event of an emergency event, the following locations serve as Command Centers for their respective wards:

First Ward

Located in the Oak Court Building
110 Sargent Street
Phone: 218-281-6214

Jim Perreault (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Kristie Jerde (Council Member)
Phone: 218-280-7578

Second Ward

Located in the St. Pauls Lutheran Church
1214 University Avenue
Phone: 218-281-3638

Shane Haldstab (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Steve Erickson (Council Member)
Phone: 281-7520
Additional Phone Number: 218-280-1240

Third Ward

Located in the Villa St. Vincent Garage
516 Walsh Street
Phone: 218-281-3424 ext.224

Chris Klawitter (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Clayton Briggs (Council Member)
Phone: 218-281-7312
Additional Phone Number: 218-289-4408

Fourth Ward

Located in the Eagles Building (old Barber Shop)
104 Robert Street
Phone: 218-281-1002

Bob Magsam (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Don Cavalier (Council Member)
Phone: 218-281-6641
Additional Phone Number: 218-289-1776

Fifth Ward

Located in the Polk County Museum
719 East Robert Street

Kent Ellingson (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Joe Kresl (Council Member)
Phone: 218-289-2045

Sixth Ward

Located in the Wesley United Methodist Church
701 Eickhof Boulevard
Phone Number: 218-281-3393

Brian Hanson (Ward EM. Rep)
Phone: 218-281-4584

Dylane Klatt (Council Member)
Phone: 701-740-7009

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